Labconco 700611000 Freezone 6L Floor Model Freeze Dryer

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31.8"W x 29.6"D x 36.6"H (outside)
Specify 115 or 230 Volts, 50/60 Hz,
Product Description
FreeZone 6 Liter Console Freeze Dryers are designed for lyophilizing moderate to large sample loads or numerous small container batches. The console features a front viewing window, interior space for a vacuum pump, and accommodation for a large tray dryer such as the FreeZone Stoppering Tray Dryers (pump and tray dryer sold separately). These models offer the broadest range of built-in options including a shell freezer.

The upright stainless steel collector coil holds 6 liters of ice before defrosting. A single 3/4 hp HCFC/CFC-free refrigeration system cools the collector to -50° C (-58° F), suitable for aqueous samples.

Vacuum pump with a displacement of at least 98 L/min, 0.007 mBar ultimate pressure and fitting suitable for 3/4 in. ID vacuum hose.
Tray dryer or other drying accessory.
Freeze dry glassware if not bulk freeze drying.

Lyo-Works OS provides a real time display of collector temperature, vacuum level and optional End-Zone end point detection system, shown on a 5 in. full color, capacitive touch screen. Models with PTFE-coated collectors that can withstand corrosive compounds are available.

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Collector Temperature: -50°C, -58°F
Ice Holding Capacity: 6 L
Vacuum Pump Displacement Required: 98 L/Min. or larger displacement

Upright stainless steel collector coil capable of holding 6 liters of ice before defrosting. Collector lid, 3/4 in. thick, has neoprene gasket
Full color, 5 in. capacitive touch screen with Lyo-Works OS:
Real time display of collector temperature, vacuum level and optional End-Zone end point detection
Automatic and manual start-up modes for collector cool down and vacuum pull down
Vacuum set point, alerts, diagnostic tests, user manual, defrost control and optional drying accessory control
Data logging stores and displays data in table or graph format, and may be exported via USB
Settings include language (English, Spanish, French, German, or Italian), time, temperature (° C or ° F) and vacuum (mBar, Torr or Pa)
Alerts can be emailed to user-entered addresses via Ethernet connection
Maintenance alert settings for vacuum pump and refrigeration
Security lock-out
USB port and Ethernet connection
End-Zone compatible (End-Zone Starter Kit sold separately.)
Vacuum control valve
Vacuum break valve
Patented moisture sensor
Console cabinet with interior space for vacuum pump (sold separately) and two-piece, removable front panel with viewing window
Stainless steel and powder-coated steel exterior
Quick-disconnect drain hose fitting with hose connector. 18 in., 1/4 in. ID silicone tubing and clamp included
Clear acrylic chamber lid, 3/4 in. thick, with neoprene gasket
Interior electrical receptacle for vacuum pump connection
3/4 in. OD vacuum connection, 36 in. of 3/4 in. ID vacuum hose and two clamps

~ Single 3/4 hp, 1 hp or 1-1/2 hp HCFC/CFC-free refrigeration system to cool collector to -50° C (-58° F) or two 1/3 hp or 3/4 hp HCFC/CFC-free refrigeration systems to cool collector to -84° C (-119° F). Collectors reaching -50° C include acrylic lid. Collectors reaching -84° C include stainless steel lid
~ Purge valve
~ PTFE-coated collector coil and chamber for corrosive compounds
~ Built-in shell freezer with stainless steel bath, 5.5 in. w x 12.5 in. d x 7.5 in. h (30.5 x 14.0 x 19.0 cm), that includes 1/2 hp HCFC/ CFC-free refrigeration system to cool heat transfer solution to -40° C (-40° F), 3/4 in. thick high-density polyethylene lid, neoprene gasket and quick-disconnect drain hose fitting and 18 in., 1/4 in. ID silicone tubing with clamp
~ Built-in stainless steel mini vacuum drying chamber, 5.1 in. w x 13.0 in. d x 2.5 in. h (12.9 x 33.0 x 6.4 cm), that includes 50-watt heater with microprocessor control to +60° C (+140° F), 3/4 in. thick clear acrylic lid and neoprene gasket. (Chamber is not cooled.)
~ Region-specific electrical plug configurations

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