Labconco Steamscrubber 402001000/ 10 Free-standing Glassware Washer

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Dimensions (approx.):
24.8"W x 27.8"D x 32.2-36.2"H (outside)
115 or 208/230 Volts, 50/60 Hz,
Product Description
SteamScrubber Glassware Washers are designed to wash and dry a wide variety of wide-mouth and general purpose labware. Utilizing a brilliant 5" touch screen display featuring CleanWorks OS, users have full control of wash parameters and washer settings. Able to reach a maximum wash temperature of 93° C (199° F), stubborn contaminates are easily removed. Heated air is forced into the chamber, effectively drying glassware to completion.

SteamScrubber Glassware Washers come standard with stainless steel Upper and Lower Standard Racks that accommodate basket inserts for a wide variety of wide-mouth laboratory glassware and assorted labware. Specialized inserts for test tubes, culture tubes, small utensils, BOD bottles, and petri dishes make the SteamScrubber exceptionally versatile. It can accommodate Upper and Lower Spindle Racks (for forced air drying through spindles see FlaskScrubber washers).

- Materials/Construction
Upper and lower standard open racks of 304 stainless steel
304 stainless steel top, door, tank, upper and lower wash arms. Freestanding models also have stainless steel exterior sides and top
One-piece, tool-free, stainless steel, fine mesh particle drain filter
Four leveling feet offering increased height adjustability
Aluminum-backed insulation and fiberglass thermal blanket
Factory-installed drain hose and band clamp
Two year warranty on parts and labor
Made in the USA
IQ/OQ available

- Performance
Water temperature up to 93° C (199° F)
Steam generator that produces hot vapor to help remove stubborn labware contaminants
Pump rated at 96 gal/min (363 L/min) when operated at 115V, 60 Hz and 208/230V, 50 Hz and 112 gal/min (424 L/min) on 208/230V, 60 Hz
Synchronous drain pump rated at up to 4.2 gal/min (16 L/min)
Purified water pump to bring non-pressurized purified water into the tank for up to eight pure water rinses
Forced air drying into the tank programmable up to 240 minutes and from 25-80° C (77-176° F)
Electronic door latch with SpeedVent Technology to facilitate faster drying
Detergent dispenser for powder or liquid detergent
Level-sensing 6 ml rinse aid solution dispenser
Operation at or below 62 decibels

- Controls/User Interface
Full color touch screen display with CleanWorks OS providing full user control
Clear and specific alarm displays
Calibratable setpoints such as: temperature, fill volume, detergent dispensing
Self diagnostics to aid in servicing and troubleshooting
Password protection to secure washer from unauthorized changes
User configurable delayed start (up to 12 hours)
USB data output

ALL MODELS REQUIRE (not included):
Dedicated electrical circuit (select based on model):20A for single-phase 115V, 60 Hz and single-phase 208/230V, 50/60 Hz; 30A for three-phase 208/230V, 50/60 Hz
Hot water connection with a male ¾-11½ GHT hose fitting
Recommended inlet water temperature 120° F (49° C)
Water consumption per fill 3.4 gal (12.9 L)
Hot tap water pressure of 20-120 psi (138-827 kPa)
Hot water inlet flowrate of =1.25 gpm (4.7 lpm), pure water inlet flowrate =0.9 gpm (3.4 lpm)
Optional purified water pressure 0 psi (0 kPa)

- Options include:
Freestanding and undercounter styles
Clear tempered safety glass viewing window and 25-watt LED interior light that illuminates washing chamber
Single-phase (1.2 kW, 2 kW) or three-phase (6 kW) electrical

- Optional accessories:
Upper and lower Standard and Spindle Racks
Baskets and inserts
Glassware Holders
Base Stand
Freestanding-to-Mobile Conversion Kits
Drain Water Cooling Kits
LabSolutions detergents and rinse
WaterPro RO System
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Made in USA.
This item ships from Kansas City, MO.
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