Koehler Instrument K60002 / K60092 Benchtop Oil Test Centrifuge

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Alternate Names:
Petroleum Centrifuge
Stock #:
Dimensions (approx.):
31 in.L x 26 in.W x 14 in.H (outside)
115/230 Volts, 50/60 Hz, 7/3.5A
Product Description
The Koehler K60002 is a fully automatic bench top centrifuge designed expressly for petroleum testing applications. Centrifugation provides a convenient means of determining sediment and water content in crude oil, fuel oils, and middle distillate fuels. Also used in determining the precipitation number, demulsibility characteristics, trace sediments, and insolubles in used lubricating oils. The Koehler K60002 can accommodate 4 centrifuge tubes of either 6 in. and 8 in. conical ASTM types, pear-shaped (100ml) tubes, or finger tubes (12.5ml). PLEASE SPECIFY TUBE CONFIGURATION WHEN ORDERING. It has automatic control of acceleration ramp, centrifugation speed, and timing functions. Digital speed and temperature displays, and doubly-insulated to reduce heat loss. Quiet operation with a sliding stainless steel lid and explosion resistant.
Maximum Speed: 2200 RPM
Maximum RCF: 1327 (long); 1170 (short); 865 (pear-shaped)
Timer: 0 to 999 min
Set Speed: 500 - 2200 RPM
Speed Readout: 0 - 2200 RPM
Temperature Control: ambient to 93°C (199°F)
Temperature Readout: Digital
Brake: Automatic Dynamic

Conforms to the specifications of: ASTM D91, D96, D893, D1796, D2273, D2709, D2711, D4007, D5546; IP 75, 145, 359; API 2542, 2548; ISO 3734, 9030; DIN 51793; NF M 07-020.

Safety Features:
Powers off when power is interrupted
Lid stays locked when motor is spinning
Motor will not start when lid is open
Explosion resistant in accordance to the specifications of Group D, Class 1, Division 2 Areas

K61101 Centrifuge Tubes, Long, 100mL, 8 in., marked in mL
K61106 Centrifuge Tubes, Long, 100mL, 8 in., marked in 200 parts
K61109 Centrifuge Tube, Trace Sediment Long, 100mL, 8 in. pear shaped
K61110 Centrifuge Tubes, Cone Shaped, 100mL, 8 in., marked in mL every 1mL above 10mL
K61112 Centrifuge Tubes, Cone Shaped, 100mL, 8 in., marked in 200 parts every 2 parts above 20 parts

K61102 Centrifuge Tubes, Short, 100mL, 6 in., marked in 200 parts every 4 parts above 20mL
K61105 Centrifuge Tubes, Short, 100mL, 6 in., marked in mL
K61107 Centrifuge Tubes, Short, 100mL, 6 in., marked in mL every 2mL above 10mL
K61108 Centrifuge Tubes, Short, 100mL, 6 in., marked in 2600 parts

K61104 Centrifuge Tubes, Pear Shaped, 100mL, marked in mL
K61152 Trace Sediment Tube (ASTM D2273), pack of 3
K61111 Cork Stoppers for Centrifuge Tubes
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Made in USA.
This item ships from Bohemia, NY.
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Koehler Instrument K60002 / K60092 Benchtop Oil Test Centrifuge
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