IKA C 3000 Bomb Calorimeter

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Dimensions (approx.):
19.7 x 17.7 x 17.7"H (outside)
100-115 Volts, 50/60 Hz, 1700W
Product Description
The IKA C 3000 isoperibol calorimeter is the technologically advanced successor of the IKA C 2000 model, with great new features such as faster sample runs, a spherically shaped decomposition vessel for faster heat transfer and a convenient touch screen for easy operation. Both oxygen filling and water handling are fully automated.

Its measurements and calculations of net calorific value are according to ISO 1928, ASTM D4809, ASTM D5865, ASTM 240 and GB T213. Areas of application include the power and cement industry where accurate analyses are vital.

Key features:
- Easy handling via touch screen operation or standard USB mouse
- Two choices of starting temperatures (22°C, 30°C)
- Automated ignition, water filling and draining and oxygen filling
- Several interfaces: Ethernet, RS 232, USB, SD card slot
- Six temperature sensors to monitor all temperatures allowing best analysis
- Spherically shaped decomposition vessel for better pressure stability and faster heat transfer
- Easy sample preparation due to new crucible holder technology
- Can be operated with a chiller (e.g. RC 2 basic)

THERE ARE 4 DIFFERENT PACKAGES AVAILABLE - the package priced in this quote is for the C3 000 isoperibol Package 1/10

- C 3000 measuring cell
- C 6010 decomposition vessel, standard
- RC 2 basic recirculation chiller
- Wear parts and consumables for up to 500 tests

Maximum energy input: 40,000 J / 9,560 cal
Resolution of temperature sensor PT 1000: 0.0001 K
Operating oxygen pressure:40 bar
Display: TFT with touch screen
Measuring modes: Isoperibol (Regnault Pfaundler) & Dynamic
Reproducibility isoperibolic (1g benzoic acid NBS39i): 0.05 % RSD
Reproducibility dynamic (1g benzoic acid NBS39i): 0.15 % RSD
Measurements per hour Isoperibol (Regnault Pfaundler): 4
--------------------- Dynamic: 6
Working temperature min.: 22°C
Working temperature max.: 30°C
Jacket control: Controlled, water
Operator time: < 1 min
Operation time: 8 to 16 min
Number of possible decomposition vessels per device: 4
Decomposition vessels C 6010 and C 6012
PC: 9 pin (M) RS 232 serial
Printer: Ethernet
Balance: 9 pin (M) RS 232 serial
Ethernet: Yes
SDCard: Yes
Sample rack: No
Ext. keyboard: Yes
Automatic water filling/draining: Yes
Automatic oxygen filling: Yes
Automatic oxygen venting: No
Cooling medium temperature min.: 12°C
Cooling medium temperature max.: 27°C
Cooling medium permissible operating pressure: 1.5 bar
Weight: 29 kg
Permissible ambient temperature: 20 - 30°C
Power Input:1,700 W

C 3000 Package 1/10 C3000 Unit, RC2 Basc Chiller, & C6010 decomp vessel
C 3000 Package 2/10 C3000 Unit, C6010 Decomposition vessel
C 3000 Package 1/12 C3000 Unit, RC2 Basc Chiller, & C6012 decomp vessel
C 3000 Package 2/12 C3000 Unit, C6012 Decomposition vessel
The following link provides additional information from the manufacturer's brochure. Click to open the PDF in a new window or right-click to download it:
C 3000 Bomb Calorimeter or copy the following into your browser address window: labequip.com/stock/pictures/n2290.pdf
Made in USA.
This item ships from Willmington, NC.
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