Humboldt Manufacturing H-1240DA Digital Penetrometer

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Specify 120 or 230 Volts, 50/60 Hz,
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The H-1240DA penetrometer adds a digital gauge to the H-1240 electric penetrometer to provide precise at-a-glance readings, as well as the ability to automatically start a test with a button push and have the test end after a preset duration.

This unit has a machine-grooved aluminum base, built-in leveling screws fitted with rubber inserts to protect needle and cone tips. Two stainless steel rods support the cast aluminum head with coarse/fine adjustments. A button release mechanism with a digital timer automatically stops the plunger when the preset time from 0.1-9.9 seconds expires and the indicator can be instantly reset to zero. Any needle or cone with a standard 1/8in (3mm) diameter stem may be mounted to the 47.5g plunger assembly. The penetrometer is supplied with a standard 2.5g ASTM D 5 Needle and two additional Loading Weights (50g and 100g).

Automated and precise sensitive measurements
Leveling screws on the base and rubber inserts to protect needle and cone tips
Automatically start a test with a button push and have the test end after a preset duration.

1-Electric Penetrometer with digital gauge
1-Standard 2.5g ASTM D 5 needle
1-50g loading weight
1-100g loading weight

Supports the following standards: AASHTO T49, AASHTO T187


Penetration of Bituminous Materials Test Method Standards ASTM D5; AASHTO T49, IP49; ASA Std., A37.1; Fed Spec. SS.R. 406C, Meth. 214.01
H-1280 Needle Stainless steel with brass ferrule, 2.5g
H-1300 Needle Similar to above, NIST certified, 2.5g
H-1302 Needle Stainless steel with stainless steel ferrule, 2.5g
H-1290 Needle Similar to above, NIST certified, 2.5g

Needle Penetration of Petroleum Waxes Test Method Standards ASTM D1321; IP 376; DIN 51579
H-1310 Needle, Stainless Steel, 2.5g
H-1317 Needle, Stainless Steel, 2.5g NIST Certified
Wax Specimen Container Brass cylinder with base plate conforming to ASTM D1321 specifications - inquire

Joint sealant for asphalt & concrete pavements Test method standard ASTM D5329
H-1320 Resilience ball penetration tool Total wt. 27.5g.

Cone Penetration of Grease Testing Method Standards ASTM D217; ASTM D937, IP 50; ISO 2137; DIN 51804; FTM 791-311, FTM 791-313
H-2522 Magnesium cone with hardened stainless steel tip - 102.5g. Standard cone
H-2520 Brass cone with hardened stainless steel tip - 102.5g. Optional cone

Cone Penetration of Lubricating Greases Using One-Quarter and One-Half Scale Cone Test Method Standards ASTM D1403 (i.e., recovery of used grease) Small obtainable samples
H-2519 1/4 scale. (Not considered a substitute for full-size cone specified in ASTM D217.) Wt. 9.38g.

Grease-testing penetrometers ASTM D2884
H-2524 Magnesium cone and plunger, same dim. as H-2520. Total wt. cone and plunger 30.0g.

Food products and paste paints U.S. Dept. of Agriculture
H-2529 Aluminum. Same dimension as H-2520. Total wt. 35g.

Measuring firmness of solid and plasticized fats (shortenings, margarine, butter, etc.) AOCS Cc 16-60
H-1270 10° aluminum cone, 3.2mm ferrule, 0.8mm stainless steel blunt tip. Overall length 106mm. Wt. 45g.
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