Hanna Instruments HI 904-01 Coulometric Karl Fischer Titrator

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100-240 Volts,
Product Description
The Hanna HI 904 Karl Fischer Coulometric Titrator for moisture analysis measures 1 ppm to 5% water content. The HI904 combines an ultra-high electrolytically generated iodine dynamic dosing system with optically-regulated magnetic
stirring, sophisticated endpoint determination, and background drift correction algorithms. The result is an extremely adaptable titrator capable of titrating with superior accuracy and precision for samples with low moisture content. The HI904 applies a pulsed DC current for titrant generation, detects the endpoint and performs all necessary calculations automatically. The HI904 comes equipped with a solvent handling system to reduce cell conditioning time and can be connected directly to a laboratory analytical balance via RS232 serial interface. The HI904's powerful software and intuitive menus are easily navigated on the large, color LCD display, making it simple to view results. Choose from included methods or develop a custom method for almost any application or sample type. Methods (standard or user) and reports can be transferred between titrator and PC via USB interface by using the Hanna
PC software. Software updates can be performed using a USB flash drive.

Frit-less (no diaphragm) generator electrode - uses one easy-to-replace Karl Fischer reagent because the anode and cathode reactions take place in the same electrolyte
- lower and more stanle drift rates
- easier cleaning of generator cell
- no contamination of a diaphragm
- good for hydrocarbons, alcohols, esters, ketones and oils

1) Precision dosing system by generator electrode
- 400 mA pulsed current
- Fritless (No Diaphragm) Generator uses one easy-to-replace Karl Fischer reagent and has a lower and more stable drift rate. Offers easier cleaning of generator cell.
2) Molecular sieve desiccant
- Prevents the ingress of ambient humidity into the sealed solvent system while maintaining full titrator functionality
- Regenerated at 300°C
3) Sealed cell
- Generator electrode
- Dual pin bivoltammetric platinum sensing electrode
- Molecular sieve desiccant cartridge
- Replaceable septum for liquid sampling port
- Accessory port
4) Built-in stirrer
- Automatic, integrated magnetic stirrer adjustable from 200-2000 RPM-
- Optical feedback for automatic speed control
5) Sealed solvent system
- Change to fresh reagent in a matter of seconds without opening titration vessel
- Minimizes exposure to ambient humidity
- PTFE tubing is resistant to harsh KF chemicals
- Sealed tube holder to collect PTFE tube after exchanging reagent
6) PTFE bottle cap
- Caps fit any GL45-threaded bottle
- Chemically-resistant caps and fittings
- Removable desiccant cartridges

- Supports up to 100 methods (standard and user-defined)
- Results displayed directly in the selected units
- Titration graph can be displayed on-screen and saved as an image to be transferred to a PC or printed
- USB flash drive input: Transfer methods, reports and graphs to a PC or other titration system; Field upgradable software
- Incorporates into any GLP data management program: Easily record all necessary GLP information with every sample, including company and operator name, date, time, electrode ID codes and standardization information
- Proper mixing of reagent and sample: Digital, magnetic stirring system with optical feedback; Adjustable stirring speed to facilitate mixing
- Flexible, accurate detection of the titration endpoint: Dual, platinum pin polarization electrode for bivoltammetric detection of endpoint
- Multi-language support
- Balance interface: Automatically acquire sample mass via RS232 serial interface
- Easy to operate: User-friendly interface and Contextual help screens

- HI900 Series titration systems can be easily incorporated into any existing GLP data management program: Easily record all necessary GLP information with every sample, such as sample identification, company and operator name, date, time, electrode ID codes and calibration information
- Data can be transferred to a PC using Hanna HI900PC software
- The USB port allows for the easy transfer of methods, reports and software upgrades via a USB flash drive
- Users can print reports of analyses directly from the titrator using a standard parallel printer
- An external monitor and keyboard can be attached for added versatility


Range: 1 ppm to 5%
Resolution: 0.1ppm to 0.0001%
Result Units: %, ppm, ppt, mg/g, ìg/g, mg, ìg, mg/mL, ìg/mL, mg Br/100g, g Br/100g, mg Br, g Br
Sample Type: liquid or solid (external dissolution / extraction)
Titration Vessel: operating volume between 100 - 200 mL
Reagent Handling System;: sealed system with integrated diaphragm air pump and beaker adapter
Generator Electrode: diaphragm-less
Electrode Type Detection: automatic
Determination: Pre Titration Conditioning: automatic
Background Drift Correction: automatic or user-selectable value
Endpoint Criteria: fixed mV persistence, relative drift stop, or absolute drift stop
Dosing: dynamic
Result Statistic: mean, standard deviation
Detector Electrode: Type / Connection dual platinum pin, polarization electrode / BNC connector
Peripheral Devices: PC: easily view, transfer, print or delete methods and reports via HI900 PC application
USB: Flash Drive easily upgrade software or transfer methods and reports between devices using a USB drive
Laboratory Analytical Balance: RS232 to connect a laboratory analytical balance
Printer: print directly from the HI904 to a parallel port printer
Monitor: instrument status and titrations can be viewed on a larger screen using any VGA compatible external monitor
Keyboard: alphanumeric text can be entered using an optional PS/2 keyboard
Graphic Display: 5.7" (320 x 240 pixel) color LCD
Titration Methods: up to 100 (standard and user methods)
Data Storage: up to 100 (titration and drift rate reports)
GLP Conformity: Good Laboratory Practice and instrument data storage and printing
Languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish, and French
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Made in USA.
Depending on inventory and destination, this item ships from Richmond Hill, ON or Laval, QC.
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