BYK-Gardner byko-test 9500 Fe/NFe (3677) Dry Coating Thickness Gauge

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6.3 x 2.7 x 1.5 inH (outside)
Product Description
The byko-test Premium+ 9500 dry film thickness gauge for Fe/NFe substrates has a modular design to accommodate a wide range of applications.

- For measurement on ferrous and non-ferrous substrates
- Continuous measurement function
- Combined measurement, Fe and NFe coating in one measurement
- Total Memory 2,000,000 readings, with 100 jobs
- IP 65 dust and splash water protection
- USB connectivity and PC software
- ISO 17025 certificate included
- Adjustment for ISO 19840 and SSPC Zero Offset and 2-Point accuracy verification
- Easy to use operator menu
- Temperature compensation directly in the sensor
- Precise measurements even on curvatures and small parts
- Easy adjustment on rough, smooth or curved substrates
- 61mm (2.4") color display, resistant against scratches and chemicals (Level H6)
- Stainless steel probe with dust protection membrane (IP65)
- Optimal readability of flip display even in direct sunlight, brightness can be adjusted automatically or manually
- Intuitive menu guidance for the gauge and software, report by 3 clicks
- Freely assignable key for individual fast access
- Simple and fast creation of documentation and reports
- Multiple languages

Measuring Range Mils / µm: 0 - 118 mil 0 - 3000 µm

Thickness Measurement
Measuring Range: 0 - 3000 µm
Measuring Range: 0 - 118 mil
- Fe: 0-2000µm: ± (1 µm + 2 %)
- NFe: 0-2000µm: ± (2 µm + 2 %)
- Fe & NFe > 2000µm ± 3 %
Measuring area, min.: 14.5 mm ø
Measuring area, min.: 0.6 in ø
Minimum Curvature: Fe (NFe) convex: 4 mm (30mm) with 2-point-adjustment, zero and 250 µm on original substrate 6 mm (50 mm) with zero adjustment on original substrate
Minimum Curvature: Fe (NFe) convex: 0.16 in (1.2 in) with 2-point-adjustment, zero and 9 mils on original substrate 0.24 in (2 in) with zero adjustment on original substrate
Minimum substrate thickness: Fe (NFe) 25 µm (20 µm) with 2-point-adjustment, zero and 250 µm on original substrate 100 µm (50 µm) with zero adjustment on original substrate
Minimum substrate thickness: Fe (NFe) 1 mil (0.8 mils) with 2-point-adjustment, zero and 9 mils on original substrate 4 mils (2 mils) with zero adjustment on original substrate
Resolution: Adjustable: 0,1 µm (0,1 mils) or 0,01 µm (0,01 mils)
Interface: USB
Power supply: 2 x AA Batteries 1.5 V Alkali, or rechargeable AA 1.2 V

Conforms to: ASTM B499; D1186; D1400; D7091; ISO 2178; 2360; 2808; 19840; DIN 50981 50984

Delivery Content:
byko-test 9500 Premium+ w/o probe
Dual Probe 3mm for byko-test 9500, ISO 17025 (3678)
Probe holder and cable
Fe- and NFe-reference plate with two test foils
2 Mignon batteries 1,5 V (AA) alkaline
Operating Manual
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Made in Germany.
This item ships from Columbia, MD.
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