Rhopoint IQ 2060 DOI Gloss + Haze 20/60 Gloss Meter

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DOI, distinctness of image, RSPEC, haze, orange peel, Goniophotometer, RIQ, reflected imag
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Product Description
Rhopoint IQ Gloss Meter is the ultimate gloss meter available. Maximum accuracy and resolution in all gloss applications. Lowest cost DOI Gloss and Haze Meter. IT QUANTIFIES SURFACE QUALITY PROBLEMS THAT ARE INVISIBLE TO A STANDARD GLOSSMETER. The Rhopoint IQ measures image quality, it is the only hand held instrument that profiles how light is reflected from a surface. Standard glossmeters only measure how much light is reflected and are not sensitive to effects which dramatically reduce appearance quality. The Rhopoint IQ DOI Meter easily accomplishes the measurement of appearance. The instrument displays surface reflectance profiles 17-23°. The shape of the curve describes how the light has interacted with the surface. Sharp curves close to the specular direction indicate smooth highly reflective surfaces.

The Rhopoint IQ Measures:
20/60° Gloss
Distinctness of Image
Goniophotometric Curves

GLOSS - A measurement proportional to the amount of light reflected from a surface.
Geometry: For best results the correct measurement geometry should be chosen based on the reflectance of the material: Mid Gloss 60°, High Gloss and Metallics 20°.

RSPEC - The peak gloss value over a very narrow angle.
Usage - RSPEC is very sensitive to small changes in texture and is used to identify subtle differences in surface smoothness.

-Best in class accuracy and traceability
-Advanced standard verification system guarantees error free calibration.
-Full color easy to read screen
-Onboard Statistics and Graphs
-USB results download to PC without the need to install software
-Results batching with user definable names
-Bluetooth compatible
-Pocket sized instrument with integrated tile holder
-Single button press to measure all parameters
-Fast measurement, <2 secs.
-Fast and simultaneous measurement of all parameters
-Fully automatic calibration with tile detection and verification
-On board memory for 999+ readings with full goniphotometric profiles
-Bluetooth serial output of measured values

Advanced Features for Fast Measurement

Reflectance Haze = An optical effect caused by microscopic textures or residue on a surface.
Visible Symptoms: Milky Finish apparent on surface, loss of reflected contrast, halos and patterns can be seen around reflections of high intensity light sources.
Causes: Poor dispersion, raw material incompatibility, additive migration, vehicle quality, stoving/drying/curing conditions, polishing marks, fine scratches, ageing, oxidization, poor cleanliness/surface residue.

Distinctness of Image = A measure of how clearly a reflected image will appear in a reflective surface.
Symptoms of Poor DOI: Orange peel, brush marks, waviness or other structures visible on the surface. Reflected images are distorted.
Causes: Application problems, incorrect coating flow, coating viscosity too high/low, sag or flow of coating before curing, incorrect particle size/distribution, overspray, improper flash/recoat time, inter coat compatibility, incorrect cure times and cure temperature.

Included With the Rhopoint IQ
-ISO 17025 Calibration Tile Certificate
-ISO Instrument Certification
-Magnetic Calibration Tile
-Rhopoint IQ Goniphotometric Gloss-DOI Meter
-USB Cable
-Gloss Meter Power Charger
-Hard Nylon Case
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