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Milton Roy Genesys 5 (33.60.01) UV-Visible, Scanning Spectrophotometer

Condition: Used

Will be thoroughly tested and serviced
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1 Available (request a quote)
Dimensions (approx.):
19"W x 23"D x 8"H (outside)
115 Volts, 60 Hz, 2.2A

Product Description

This Milton Roy Genesys 5 UV-Visible spectrophotometer has a split beam optical system. It offers a 5nm Spectral slit width and has a Wavelength Range of 360-1100nm. SingleSpeed Scan Speed: 300nm/min. (1pt/1nm) or 900nm/min (1pt/3nm). It includes a removable microprocessor-controlled eight-position multicell holder that accepts up to eight 10mm pathlength test tubes or cells.
-Split-beam optical design with high energy and low stray light minimizes photometric drift
-Dual solid-state detectors enhance stability
-Single-grating monochromater with 1200 lines/mm
-Tungsten-halogen and snap-in deuterium lamps self-align during powerup
-Lamp "off" standby status prolongs lamp life
-Precise, automated analysis of multiple samples
-Once samples are loaded, holder automatically moves into position for measurement providing precise, repeatable positioning of small-volume cells
-Multicell holder removes easily to accommodate other sample accessories
-SoftKeys keypad technology simplifies entry of wavelength, sample identifier and other parameter limits
-Four triangular keys let you display parameter entry, reducing chance of error
-"Sample ID" function applies alphanumeric names to samples
-"Lock Test" option prevents unauthorized changes to test setup
-Built-in self-diagnostics run each time unit is powered up
-Backlit LCD displays test parameters, graphical data, test results and complete instrument status using a series of pictograms
-Select SoftCard programs permit quick setup of parameters for specific tests and expand capabilities
-Centronics-compatible parallel port permits unit to be connected to external printer
-Space-saving built-in printer
GENESYS 5 Spectrophotometer comes with eight-position multicell holder, two SoftCard slots (to copy and transfer files), RS-232-C serial port (for communication with computer or output to plotter) and Centronics-compatible parallel port (for external printer). Monochrome screen display in English, French, German, Portuguese or Spanish.

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Milton Roy Genesys 5 (33.60.01) UV-Visible, Scanning Spectrophotometer

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