Koehler K77000-1 Cloud and Pour-Point Tester for Petroleum

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The K77000 Automatic Cloud and Pour Point Analyzer is a state of the art piece of equipment for measuring cloud point by Optical Detection and pour point with the Automatic Tilt Method. The Cloud Point is an index of the lowest temperature of a petroleum product or a biodiesel fuels utility for certain applications. Wax crystals of sufficient quantity can plug filters used in some fuel systems. The Pour Point of a petroleum product is an index of the lowest temperature of its utility for certain applications. Flow characteristics, such as pour point can be critical for the correct operation of lubricating oil systems, fuel systems, and petroleum blending and pipeline operations.
- Wireless Pour Point Head
- Pour Point Test Vessel
- Wireless cloud Point Head
- Pour cloud Test Vessel

ASTM D5771 - For the description of the determination of the cloud point of petroleum products and biodiesel fuels that are transparent in layers 40 mm in thickness, by an automatic instrument using an optical device. This test method covers the range of temperatures from -60 C to +49 C with temperature resolution of 0.1 C.
After insertion of the prescribed test jar containing the specimen into the apparatus, and the initiation of the program, the specimen is cooled incrementally according to the cooling profile listed in Table 1 of the method. The specimen is continuously monitored by a reflective optical system for the formation of a crystalline structure. When the crystallization of the wax in the specimen is detected by the optical system, the temperature is recorded to within 0.1 C resolution. The specimen is then heated to facilitate the start of the next test.

ASTM D5950 - For the determination of pour point of petroleum products by an automatic instrument that tilts the test jar during cooling and detects movement of the surface of the test specimen with an optical device. This test method is designed to cover the range of temperatures from -66 to +51 C.
After preliminary heating, the test specimen is inserted into the automatic pour point apparatus. After starting the program, the specimen is cooled according to the cooling profile listed in the ASTM Method and examined at either 1 C or 3 C intervals. The lowest temperature at which movement of the specimen is detected, by the automatic equipment, is displayed as the pour point

Conforms to the specifications of: ASTM D5771, D5950 - Excellent Correlation to: ASTM D97, D2500, D5853, D6074, D6158 ; ISO 3015, 3016; IP 15, 219; DIN 51597; FTM 791-201; NF T 60-105; JIS K2269
Cloud Point: Optical Detection
Pour Point: Tilting Method
Cooling: Internal Cooling System
Temperature Range: -105 °C to +50 °C (-157 °F to +122 °F)
Temperature Accuracy: ± 0.1 °C
Tilt Interval: 1 °C or 3 °C as per test method (User defined for custom method 1 °C to 5 °C)
Interfaces: USB (4), Ethernet
Display:10.4" Color Touch Screen
Password Protection: Multi-level password capability

Fully Automatic
Automatic determination of cloud point by Optical Detection
Automatic determination of Pour Point via the Automatic Tilt Method
Conformance to ASTM D5771 and D5950
Correlates to ASTM D2500, D97, and related specifications
High Performance
Wireless Cloud Point Head
Wireless Pour Point Head
Integrated Cooling System
Automatic Calibration by means of 10 point RTD Calibration, Sample Calibration, and Jacket Calibration
Industrial Touch Screen User Interface
10.4-inch Integrated Color Touch Screen
Software Capabilities, USB & Network Connections
Standard test methods are pre-programmed or user-defined test programs can be created
Clear graph of temperature vs. time for sample and bath temperatures
Results can be easily searched, viewed on screen, printed, and exported to LIMS
4 USB interfaces
Internet (Ethernet) Line
Automated Calibration Features
3 Point Electronics Calibration
10 Point RTD Offset Calibration
Jacket Calibration
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Koehler K77000-1 Cloud and Pour-Point Tester for Petroleum
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