Koehler K45200 / K45290 Petroleum Front View Distillation Apparatus

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15.25"W x 18.25"D x 19.5"H (outside)
specify: 115 or 220 Volts,
Product Description
The Koehler K45200 front-view distillation apparatus has a test method in which the sample is evaporated and condensed under controlled conditions, and observations are made of the temperatures at which various percentages are recovered and/or the percentages recovered at specified temperatures. Front View Distillation apparatus designed for testing of Grade No. 2 fuel oil, Grade No. 2-D diesel fuel oil, gas oils and other distillates requiring condenser bath temperatures of up to 140F (60C). Also suitable for gasolines, aviation turbine fuels, naphthas, kerosenes and other liquid petroleum products. Similar in features and construction to the standard Front View Distillation Apparatus, but equipped with a 300W copper immersion condenser heater with stepless electronic control. Available with right or left-hand heater unit. Note: The Group 4 Apparatus can also run distillations for petroleum products categorized as Groups 0, 1, 2 and 3. Conforms to the specifications of: ASTM D86, D216, D233, D447, D850, D1078, E133; IP 123, 195; ISO 3405; DIN 51751; FTM 791-1001, 791-1015; NF M 07-002

Included Accessories: Flask Support Boards A and C and Graduate Support Block.


332-003-006 Distillation Flask, Type A, 100mL
332-003-001 Distillation Flask, Type B, 125mL
332-003-002 Distillation Flask, Type C, 200mL
332-003-005 Distillation Flask, Type D, 250mL


332-002-013 Graduated Cylinder, Type A, 25mL
332-002-003 Graduated Cylinder, Type B, 100mL
332-002-014 Graduated Cylinder, Type C, 200mL

Flask Support Boards

K45410 Flask Support Board, Type A, 1 1/4" Dia. Hole
K45420 Flask Support Board, Type B, 1 1/2" Dia. Hole
K45430 Flask Support Board, Type C, 2" Dia. Hole
K45440 Flask Support Board, Type D, 2 3/4" Dia. Hole

Silicone Plugs

334-002-002 Side silicone plug, Pack of 10
334-002-001 Top silicone plug, Pack of 10


K45500 Centering Stopper (125mL Flask)
K45520 Centering Stopper (200mL Flask)
K45540 Receiver Cooling Bath Jar

ASTM Thermometers
250-000-02C ASTM 2C Partial Immersion, -5 to +300°C
250-000-07F ASTM 7F Low Distillation, 30 to 580°F
250-000-07C ASTM 7C Low Distillation, -2 to +300°C
250-000-08F ASTM 8F High Distillation, 30 to 760°F
250-000-08C ASTM 8C High Distillation, -2 to +400°C
250-000-37C ASTM 37C Solvents Distillation, -5 to +52°C
250-000-38C ASTM 38C Solvents Distillation, 24 to 78°C
250-000-39C ASTM 39C Solvents Distillation, 48 to 102°C
250-000-40C ASTM 40C Solvents Distillation, 72 to 126°C
250-000-41C ASTM 41C Solvents Distillation, 98 to 152°C
250-000-42C ASTM 42C Solvents Distillation, 95 to 255°C
250-000-102C ASTM 102C Solvents Distillation, 123 to 177°C
250-000-103C ASTM 103C Solvents Distillation, 148 to 202°C
250-000-104C ASTM 104C Solvents Distillation, 173 to 227°C
250-000-105C ASTM 105C Solvents Distillation, 198 to 252°C
250-000-106C ASTM 106C Solvents Distillation, 223 to 277°C
250-000-107C ASTM 107C Solvents Distillation, 248 to 302°C

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Koehler K45200 / K45290 Petroleum Front View Distillation Apparatus
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