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Centrifuges: Floor Model

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IEC EXD Floor-model Centrifuge

Condition: Used

Will be thoroughly tested and serviced
Stock #:
1 Available (request a quote)
Dimensions (approx.):
33"W x 23"D x 35"H (outside)
230 Volts, 50/60 Hz, 3.5A

Product Description

The IEC EXD explosion-proof centrifuge is the ideal choice for large-capacity centrifugation and meets requirements for use in Class 1, Group D hazardous environments (including atmospheres containing gasoline, petroleum, naphtha, benzol, lacquer, solvent vapors or natural gas). For safety, the control housing and motor are connected through explosion-proof conduit fittings which prevent flammable vapors from contacting electrical spark-producing components. Permits oil separation in 8 in. 100mL tubes with correct Rotor Package. (special order). Variable speed control can be set up to 5200rpm. Automatic timer. Manual brake. Maximum capacity is 6 x 1000mL. Rotor and other accessories extra cost as available from stock. Does not have lid interlock (centrifuge can be opened while in operation).
New digital tachometer is available at additional cost - please inquire if interested

We have a wide variety of rotors & accessories available used from stock. To quote you on the accessories, I would need to know:

1) your tube or vessel volume(s)
2) how many tubes do you plan to spin at a time?
3) what speed you intend to spin at? Swinging bucket rotors tend to have limited speeds at which they are to be operated at and fixed angle rotors are generally used for higher speeds.

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IEC EXD Floor-model Centrifuge

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