Perkin-Elmer LC-480 HPLC Diode-Array Detector

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220 Volts, 50/60 Hz, 250vA
Product Description The Model LC-480 Autoscan from Perkin-Elmer is a high performance diode array detector for HPLC. It combines high sensitivity and excellent flow cell characteristics with high spectral resolution at low analyte levels. The LC-480 can operate as a standalone detector offering multichannel detection and arithmetic signal combinations to perform purity checks or spectral suppression techniques. Spectra are acquired automatically or manually and can be plotted in various formats on a printer-plotter. Alternatively, installation of a computer interface allows transfer of chromatograms in the form of entire UV spectra to an IBM-compatible PC for data manipulation. Chromatograms may be selected at any wavelength and spectra at any time. Spectral manipulation for overlaying, differentiation, subtraction or library functions are available for development of chromatography or for investigative trouble shooting. Similarly, chromatograms may be compared with standards and integration facilities allow quantitative analysis. Specific data reduction/evaluation
regimes may be implemented automatically with macro language to simplify use.


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